24 March 2015

Diz runs with....


As my last race draws nigh, I thought it might interest some of you to hear my interview* with Denny Krahe on his "Diz Runs With" podcast. I was approached by Denny last fall after one of my readers recommended to him that he interview me. After a few conversations and emails, we set a date and conducted the interview in February. I think it encapsulates, in less than a hour, why I run, why I believe so strongly in the work of the Semper Fi Fund and MARSOC Foundation, and what blessings this year long adventure has given me. A big "Thank You" to Denny for the interview and for helping me tell my story.

Here's the link to the interview, you can also download the podcast via iTunes. Enjoy!

The munchkins at Figure Eight Island, June 2014
One correction: MDS requires you to carry a minimum of 2000 kcal per day; I will be bringing closer to 3000 each day, as I state in the interview. ('Cause, well, 'Murica, folks. And bacon. Walk softly and carry a lot of food.)

If you haven't listened to the Diz Runs With podcast, I highly recommend it. The interviews are personable and candid and many of the interviewees are both running icons and stars, including Bart Yasso, Sage Canaday, Molly Huddle, Ian Sharman, Ray Zahab, Liza Howard and Mike Wardian. The podcast also offers training tips and Q & A sessions.

*The interview went live on the podcast just after the seven MARSOC Marines were killed and I didn't think it appropriate to turn any attention away from that story at the time.

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