27 March 2015

FBF: Lo último

This is the last Flashback Friday for me for one simple reason:

Let us recall how I got here one last time.....

And yet, we are remiss about ending our sentence properly. But, then again, pirate.
By the numbers:

Five years, one month, 28 days since my injury on 29 January 2010
Eight abdominal and internal organ surgeries
14 pints of blood, five pints of sera and lots of random painkillers
One military SAR helicopter flight
Four (five?) resuscitations to bring me back from flatline
Three years and five months of physical rehabilitation
Two children
One divorce
One military retirement
11 pairs of running shoes
11 races
321.14 racing miles
1186.58 training miles....

....as of this morning, I have 13.42 miles to reach 1200 and one more grand adventure of a race to close out the fundraising and race series.

Near Petra, Jordan (May 2007)
Photo taken from the window of my CH-46E 
Below are all the people who brought me back to life - on the operating table, during rehab, in my fight to get back in the cockpit, and, sometimes, when I was fighting to get through the day. Without you, I would not be here.

My sister, my mom and my sister cat, Rachele
Laurie S., Beth C. & Caroline M., Maurice H. & Zach H.
My family of friends, near and extremely far (yes, you, Joanne, way over in NZ!)
The VMR-1 "Pedro" SAR CH-46 flight crew on 31 January 2010
Drs. Dunn, Cortina, Faibisoff & Jones
The ICU staff at New Hanover Regional Hospital
The 2nd Floor nursing staff at the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital
Col Rock, Col Curtis, Col McCoy, LtCol Augustin & LtCol Hart
VMMT-204 & MAG-26 (2d MAW)
LCDRs Haines & Reed (Navy Medical)
LTs Cuozzo, Romer & Lynch (Navy Medical)
Kira B. at Peak Performance Rehab
Dr. Brown & Lauren at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
Amanda at MCAS New River Physical Training
Amanda & Karen at Physical Therapy for Women
Jordyn, Sonya & Savannah
Ron Baggett & L.B. Wilkins
The Wilmington Road Runners - every step of the way


  1. You impress me every single day, all the way to NZ!

  2. You impress me every single day, all the way to NZ!