09 March 2015

What rhymes with purple?

Yesterday, the Pumpkin Noodle did her first ever "race"! It was a 1.4-mile beach obstacle race, family friendly. Our team name: What Rhymes with Purple? because 1) she loves purple and 2) she's five and is into rhyming right now.

She wanted to wear her favorite purple tutu dress and I got into the spirit with a variation on the theme. (Note: Probably the first and last time I wear a tutu - ok, who am I kidding? Chances are good she'll ask me to wear one again.)

We had a blast!

Pre-race warm-up spins.

Wave #11, ready - they let the Noodle up front; she was excited about that.... 
....so much so that she took off at the signal....
...like a rabbit! I was charging after her for a good 250 yds!
Last obstacle, the big slide. 
The finish!
Medals! She wore hers for the next two hours and then brought it to school today. 

1 comment:

  1. YEA!!!! GO SOSO!!! hip hip horray.
    ….. and for the record, Purple is frigging AWESOME!

    Love the tutu’s. Love you both. Hugs and send photos of the medal!