13 March 2015

What's in your sack? (pt.1)

Things I did this week:

1) Read the packing lists from previous MDS runners, including a very thorough one by Bryon Powell, to refresh my memory regarding the necessities and the luxuries.

2) Re-assessed my 4" compression shorts to determine if I want to run across the desert in these. It seems that my winter weight gain of 4-5lbs (~2kg) is causing them to ride up a bit. I'm okay with the weight gain (kinda needed it, truthfully), but the riding up, not sure about, mainly because by the end of my run, I looked like I was wearing boy-short briefs. I like my 7" compression shorts just fine, and have never had chafing issues (not even during the 50-miler), so we'll see what the pack weight looks like.

The 4" shorts last July, when I was a bit lighter. 
2) Bought non-food gear, including a wrist compass, a portable solar charger and a wee-bitty sharp-ass knife. Debating on which light I want to bring, as I have both a Petzl clip-on and their head-light. This may come down to which weighs less, again. Also bought my supply of single-use Trail Toes for my foot protection. This stuff is legit, legit, legit.  

3) Some of the hygiene essentials, pre-deconstruction. I will cut down the toothbrush, squeeze out both the toothpaste and the sunscreen into plastic bags, dehydrate the cleansing wipes (the first ingredient is water), and may not bring all the hand sanitizers, which sounds gross but I will have the cleansing wipes, and uh, yeah, I guess it's the Marine in me - having done the desert many times without access to such luxuries. There will be no deodorant because, really, why?

Yes, the Acure brand is a bit much, but it's organic and the argan oil for moisture against the elements eliminates the need for lotion. 
4) A snapshot of my planned "nutrition" (again, pre-deconstruction) - those energy food items which don't really resemble food. I am a huge fan of SkratchLabs and their hyper-hydration mango solution is the bomb. I am a GU gel devotee, having trained with them since my 1990s racing days with adidas Transports in CA. Salted watermelon? Yes, thank you. And I love chocolate and theirs is the best. I discovered the Huma Chia gel this past fall and I typically bring two each of the GU and the Huma on my long runs. Mango is my favorite, but the raspberry and lemonade are pretty excellent as well. And, chia, so, yes. Hammer Endurolytes are another staple, so that was an easy add. I have been experimenting with the PlantFusion protein as a recovery drink since late last year, but usually add it to unsweetened almond milk, so I am testing it today and this weekend with just water. With 20g of protein per serving, it's great, and it's easier on my digestive system (and if you're missing part of your intestine like me, this is a consideration). Again, chocolate.

5) Sleep sack and warming jacket. This is a full-length bag, down-filled, which weighs 1.1lbs (.5kg) and with my puffer jacket (yes, I get cold) and the compression sleeve, all this comes in at 1.5lbs (.68kg). The shoe is the pic for reference, it's a US size 6 (UK 36), so those two items are packed down pretty damn small.

Not the shoe I am running MDS in but I love my Hoka Huakas; I'll be in Hokas in the desert, though! 
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