Races and Results

3-4 May 14: 24-Hour Adventure Trail Run, Triangle, VA* - 17:11:26, (56.2m), 8th female overall (RECAP)
8 Jun 14: Heartbreak Hill 1/2 Marathon, Boston, MA - 2:07:36 (w/25 min stop to assist runner w/heat exhaustion)(RECAP)
12 Jul 14: YMCA Tri-Span 10K, Wilmington, NC** - 48:16, 1st place AG, 21st female overall (RECAP)
26 Jul 14: The 6-Hour Endless Summer Run, Annapolis, MD* - 5:53:47, (33.94m) 1st military female, 2nd place AG, 6th female overall, 17th finisher overall (RECAP)
31 Aug 14: Rock'n'Roll 1/2 Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA - 1:49:52, 10/618 AG, 101/4353 female, 473/7752 overall (RECAP)
20-21 Sep 14: Yellowstone Teton 50-Miler, Teton Valley, ID - 10:21:42, 1st place female overall, 7th finisher overall (RECAP)
26 Oct 14: Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC*** - DNF (torn calf @ 12.5m completed, see RECAP)
8-9 Nov 14: Croatan 24-Hour Ultra, Swansboro, NC** - 15:52:39, 60.21m, 4th AG, 7th female overall (RECAP)
6 Dec 14: The North Face Endurance Challenge Trail 1/2 Marathon, San Francisco, CA (RECAP)
24 Jan 15: SARR Endurathon Trail 25K, San Antonio, TX - 2:10:38 (15.89m), 3rd AG, 8th female overall (RECAP)
7 Feb 15: ICY-8 Hour Adventure Trail Run, Lake Anna, VA - 33.4 miles, 9th female overall (RECAP)
22 Mar 15: Wrightsville Beach 1/2 Marathon, Wilmington, NC - 1:47:46, 10th AG, 92/1181 female, 288/1870 overall (RECAP)
3-12 Apr 15: 30th Edition, Marathon des Sables, Ouarzazate, Morocco

*Semper Fi Fund race
**MARSOC Foundation race
***Both organizations are charity recipients


  1. Felicia - What an awesome way to give back to those who serve! That you are able to do this through running, a sport for which you have so much passion.... after dealing with your own personal setbacks, is truly remarkable! Thank you for all YOU have done and continue to do for our country. Best of luck with your upcoming races...OOH RAH and SEMPER FI !!

    1. Jenny - You're pretty darn incredible yourself, lady! Happy to know you and humbled by your words...!!